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W H A T  T O  E X P E C T

Step 1

First, lets get to know each other... by zoom, phone or email, then we book in a design consultation at the property.

Step 2

The creative process begins. Ideas and advice, from planning & layout, to colours, storage solutions, lighting, flooring etc. whatever you need.

Step 3

We can collaborate together going forward or I'll design a concept for presentation.

Step 4

Arrange implementation, installation and style up for a photo finish.

P R I C I N G  &  T E R M S

You remain in control of what you spend and when, as I can easily dip in and out of a project as your time or funds allow.

Initial consultation

£ 320.00 for two and a half hours, no vat .

Invoiced after meeting with payment terms of 7 days

Ongoing project

This cost for my design fee will be calculated after our initial consultation.

This will include site meetings as well as design and research time spent in the studio.

Why not give me a call ?     I'd love to hear all about your plans!